CryftCards Overview

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Welcome aboard!

First things first, Welcome to the Cryft ecosystem. Visiting this page means you are interested in learning more about the way Cryft LLC functions.
For Cryft Card givers and receivers, We will cover what Cryft Cards are, and how to use them. Prepare to know why Cryft Cards are the next-gen gifting system for all ages and levels of experience.
For partners and token holders, we will also cover the main "fuel" powering the ecosystem, named Cryft Token (CRYFT) in further detail.
The Cryft LLC home is at the following link:
The Cryft Shop (Coming Soon) is at the following link:
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Cryftopia can be found at the following link:
If you (at any point) feel we have missed something or did not answer your question in this booklet; please email us directly at: [email protected] or submit a support ticket from the Help Desk.