The Problem(s)

What problem is Cryft LLC solving?

Learning Curve

Like most new ideas and systems, cryptocurrency is full of fear and uncertainty in the eyes of the consumer. We all remember the first time the words "crypto", blockchain and alike entered our life. None of us knew what the heck we were hearing, and we certainly did not expect them to become words we use every single day.


We keep hearing words like Bitcoin, Etheruem and others. Our heads fill with curiosity and desire, only to find way too many different sources of information. Left with a cloud of uncertainty over our heads, and ultimately nowhere to go and engage these new things called "bitcoins".


I got these things called bitcoins, now what? Good question! Once crypto and all the other digital assets have landed in my wallet (wasn't easy by the way), what can I do with them? I'm stressing over the value, and facing the fact I cannot go to my local shops (large and small) to purchase physical items.