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Frequently Asked Question

Below are some of the most common questions we receive
Question: What is Cryft Token (CRYFT)?
Answer: CRYFT Token is the spark that lit the flame of Cryft Cards. CRYFT Token is an openly tradable token released by a real company. Cryft LLC creates Crypto Gift "Cryft" Cards. These physical cards are not limited to holding Cryft Token and can be gifted to your peers. You hold Cryft Token because you are helping to build a system that aims to bring crypto to the masses via gifting. Cryft Token will create liquidity pools, infrastructure and much more.
Question: How can I purchase Cryft Token?
Answer: You must acquire any token on the Binance Smart Chain and then swap your BEP20 token with Cryft Token token exclusively on SafeMoon Swap HERE.
Question: What is the Cryft Token contract address?
Answer: The official CRYFT Coin contract address is: 0x750db8B9c66d7fcE0a8a0e859c6D46b28Dc4972C (Never send currency to the contract address)
Question: Can you explain in detail what a Cryft Card is?
Answer: Cryft Card is a physical and digital gift card for cryptocurrency and NFTs. Cryft Cards make it easier than ever to gift cryptocurrency and NFTs to any of your peers. We continue to simplify engagement with blockchain collectibles for even the newest users.
Question: Do you burn any Cryft Token?
Answer: Yes! 1% of all Buy and Sell transactions send Cryft Token to the Burn Address: (0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead)
Question: How do I spend my Cryft Card?
Answer: You can send and receive cryptocurrency and NFTs directly from your Cryft Card dashboard. Follow this link
Question: Is Cryft Card a cryptocurrency wallet?
Answer: It is, though not your average one! Your Cryft Card account is simplified for all users.
Question: Which cryptocurrencies are supported?
Answer: We currently support Cryft Coin (CRYFT), Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and, SafeMoon (SFM) for the beta stages. More BEP20 tokens will be integrated upon community requests.
Question: Can I get help using my Cryft Cards?
Answer: Where can I find customer support around here?! Send us a message on our social channels and or head to the live chat in the lower left of the screen. Email our help desk directly at: [email protected] Discord is a great resource for help please visit at:
Question: Do you have a discord chat?
Answer: Yes! Discord is the best place to interact directly with the core team. Connect with us here: