The Solution

How is a Cryft LLC going to solve my crypto woes?

Learning Curve

Cryft LLC has the utmost intention to make cryptocurrency and all other blockchain collectibles usable. Without need for understanding how they work behind the scenes. Cryft LLC takes these "bitcoin" and "blockchain" terms and wraps them into something we all understand! Who does not understand a debit, credit or gift card?
Cryft Cards are a physical and digital cards like most you have in your wallet or purse. Though the Cryft Card sitting next to your debit card can unlock access to the decentralized blockchains. Blockchain collectibles on the internet of things and metaverse are now in your physical wallet or purse. Consumers use their Cryft Card and log into a dashboard, not unlike other traditional platforms.
Constant innovation in the user experience makes the Cryft Card Dashboard fast and easy to navigate with little experience. You will not need to know what or how a blockchain is and works. You can use your Cryft Card and have fun with the novelty of the experience.


When a buyer purchases a Cryft Card from their local shop, the card is preloaded with specific amounts of U.S. Dollar backed coins (i.e. BUSD, USDT, USDC). By purchasing the physical card, you now have access to the entire metaverse of digital collectibles and assets. Virtually eliminating the learning curve has increased the availability of all blockchain assets.
A Cryft Card receiver will "dip their toes" into the latest cryptocurrency and various digital assets. The well chosen blockchain collectibles on the cryptocurrency gift card are available at their disposal.
We choose popular and well adopted assets (i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB) for their utility and ease of use. By limiting asset choice, the person you gifted a Cryft Card, has a high likelihood of previously hearing about them in some capacity.


I got these things called bitcoins, now what? Good question! (didn't i just read this?) Anyhow, you can bring the Cryft Card to any location supporting our ecosystem and spend it! You will be able to use a terminal in the store, or your own mobile device to pay for goods and services. Exact features of the physical Cryft Card are still under wraps. But rest assured, using your Cryft Card at a physical location will be seamless and fun.
Do not forget about the ever growing internet of things or the metaverse! Cryft Cards will be spendable here too. Your main interface to the digital world is either through the Cryft Card Dashboard or a Digital object in the inventory of your metaverse avatar. Cyft Cards are ultimately bridging the real world with the digital one!