The CRYFT Token

Why is CRYFT Token essential to Cryft Cards?

Blockchain Details

Cryft Token (CRYFT) is currently hosted on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). CRYFT was Hyper Launched on the SafeMoon Swap. CRYFT Token is exclusively available on the SafeMoon Swap, so we certainly have tokenomics! (more on tokenomics later)
The official CRYFT Coin contract address is: 0x750db8B9c66d7fcE0a8a0e859c6D46b28Dc4972C

How CRYFT fuels Cryft Cards

CRYFT Token is launched and managed with the idea it will be used to:
  • Fund the cost of marketing Cryft Cards
  • Fund further development of the Cryft Card Dashboard
  • Fund research and development of Cards and POS Terminals
  • Bring us into the metaverse (wherever it is)
  • Create liquidity pools and trading pairs
  • Sponsor CRYFT coin burning events
  • Create integrations throughout our physical and digital lives
and more...


CRYFT Token is much like the SafeMoon (SFM) token and incurs many of the same benefits. When CRYFT is bought and sold there will be a 10% tax. The tax is automatically redistributed among current CRYFT holders and sent to Cryft LLC wallets for Marketing and Development. We currently have a 0% tax on making transfers from one wallet to another. Spending currency with merchants ideally only require standard network fees we do not control. (These metrics could change with market conditions and restraints). Learn More Here: